Haven’t the Koreans tried to sell these to any Finnish tv channels or is it just that you wish these your own series to be dispatched to the world wide screen and this way make your industry known to other nations worldwide. I can’t believe this drama could get this intense and I’m loving it! Also it seems to give an idea that if you are born to certain type of family background you will never be accepted to the other side. I thought that it was going to be boring, because its about a prime minister, but its funny, romantic and just fun to watch. Dad dreamed Nam Da Jung was wearing mourning clothes and that she was being chased by some creatures Never envisage that Yoona could connect with an actor 20 years her senior.

Thanks for the recap. Still nauseous, Da-jung leans against the wall in the hallway for support. Also, they couldn’t catch the Prime Minister and his wife on that street escape scene. The ending I guess starts a new beginning, they should make a sequel since the PM is now a candidate for the presidency. Noona Jun 28 4: Meanwhile the reporters arrive at the estate, including Reporter Byun, who smiles devilishly at his hidden card the snowball fight photo. Furthermore, if the ranting was low in love rain, it was not by the performance of the actors. I think this drama is just a breath of fresh air.

I may like the plot or cast of a drama but i feel awful watching most of idols act. Next week should give us some advance in their relationship. So far i enjoy the drama. I think I spent less than a week finishing it ’cause it was just too good to stop.

Select an option Spam or scam Contains hate speech or attacks an individual Violence, crime, or self-harm Nudity, pronography, or sexually explicit content. It has really the prime minister and i episode 8 gooddrama me happy and it is the first k-drama I’m into because I usually don’t watch all episodes but this drama is very interesting and hilarious not to forget I literally love Yoona even more, she was my bias in SNSD and now she is just my Queen.

I am rooting for this couple. Though many we’re not satisfied with the ending. So, yes, the dream could be foreshadowing his death. We saw the flashbacks and she is in the passanger’s seat but so far it hasn’t been shown WHO was driving her car. She asks where he gets that kind of courage from. I have been waiting for the OST since last week. Hm, did their mother bring them here? I cant wait the prime minister and i episode 8 gooddrama episode!!! Such a big mystery!!!!

Mayumi Nov 08 Because he was the only one who knew how to skate well. The Prime Minister and I I’m very love this Drama’ There’s more of a focus on the plot and less of family development and politics. This show gives me warmth, makes me feel love. I love the hug too I’m not satisfied with the ending.

YoonA did great in portraying her character. Yes, some dramas suck! Your email address will not be published.

Prime Minister and I uses a lot of cliches, but the execution makes a world of difference! They end up together!!!

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I still can’t grasp what is InHo’s motive behind his actions, but I’ll take it for now since we have little info about the past. I have hoping like others for a second season that will resolve some of the things left hanging in the final.

He catches her when she nearly falls and holds her hands for balance, of course. Yoona is a Perfect Goddess!!!. But “Secret’s” male lead, after the first 5 episodes, was fantastic. And not far off, Hee-chul worries that the reporter is up to no good.

Prime Minister and I Episode 8

I think it has to be from a Historical Sageuk drama too of which I have only seen a few gododrama maybe my list might narrow it down for someone. Which The prime minister and i episode 8 gooddrama prefer, to seeing it idealized. Can’t wait to watch her, NDJ was more of a mother to those kids than their real mother ever was Da Jeong fits in perfect with the kids.

He asked if she is missing anything and she gleefully said “no”.

Prime Minister and I: Episode 9 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I wish Koreans stopped loving their kpop idols so much that we have to see them acting all the time. It’s a horrible ending. D sarange Queen Drama Yoonaaaaa!!! Please click the link in that email to complete tthe email change process.

I love yoonashe is professional actress here and she match with lee beom soo. Love this drama so much. I loved him in Rooftop Prince.